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Patrick "Pat" John Burke is a former Professional basketball player. Born December 14, 1973, in Dublin, Ireland. First Irish-born player ever to play in the NBA. Attended Mariner High School in Cape Coral, Fla. Graduate of Auburn University 1997 Degree in Communications.


Pat Burke went undrafted out of Auburn University in 1997 and won six championships during his nine years playing professionally in Europe. His first stint in Europe included playing for TAU Cerámica (1997-98 Spain), Panathinaikos (1998-2001 Greece) and Maroussi BC (2001-02 Greece) before being signed to a contract with the Orlando Magic for the 2002-03 season. Pat spent another two seasons in Europe for CB Gran Canaria (2003-04) and Real Madrid (2004-05) before returning to play in the NBA for the Phoenix Suns for two seasons from 2005-07. In 2007, he then returned to Europe for stints with Khimki BC (2007-08 Russia) and Asseco Prokom Sopot (2008-09 Poland). During his professional career, Burke was also co-captain of the Ireland National basketball team.


Before my experience in playing basketball at all levels of the game and in all parts of the world, I gained valuable understanding of one thing that remains constant in all aspects of life. An individual will not reach his/her full potential/greatness unless they receive the support and assistance that provides a commitment towards set goals. An approach to learn “HOW" to set goals, and “HOW” to achieve them will directly influence more in life.

Many individuals struggle on “HOW" to become better or achieve what it is the desire. It is easy to understand youth gaining that ability early, will directly relate to early achievements and greater potential.

This also holds true in the game of basketball, and is experienced in schools, homes, and gymnasiums all around the world

How can anyone look to achieve, without a goal in mind? How do we know we are getting better, or nearing who we want to become? How can you set a goal and achieve an understanding and application of how to reach it?

My mission is to assist and support individuals who want to achieve success by improving “HOW” they achieve goal. Together, our staff and each individual, will create a commitment of respect, integrity, and support towards achieving more in life on and off the court.


Awards and Honors


Panathinaikos BC

Euroleague Champion 2000

Greek League Champion 1999, 2000, 2001


Real Madrid

Spanish League Champion 2005

ULEB Cup (Runner-Up) 2004


Khimki BC

Russian Cup 2008


Asseco Prokom

Polish League Champion 2009











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"HOOPS is amazing!! The coaches are amazing!! There is no where else I would want to be!! Both Pat and Fenny have taught me so much not only in basketball but in life!! It wasn't always easy but it definitely made me a better player and person!! I Love them both so much!! They have done above and beyond for me and everyone who comes into their gym!! If you want to become a better player and person HOOPS is where you need to be!!"





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