HOOPS Life Youth Training Program


Hoops Life Youth Program Speing 2017


What is HOOPS Life?

Hoops Life Great Non Profit ReviewWhat are some of the challenges youth face growing up? What if there was a program that could introduce a child to a life enriching curriculum. One that was designed to develop, transform, and provide applications to support children on and off the court. We see results and transformation in behavior, emotional management, grades, leadership, confidence, and responsibility.



HOOPS Life understands that children are the same on a basketball court as they are in all aspects of their life. The basketball court provides a platform to apply leadership and life skills. This is more than a basketball season, it’s the HOOPS Life Program!

Hoops Life Overview

12 weeks Curriculum

Laying the foundation of the HOOPS Life program and approach; each week our program sessions will consist of a leadership and life skills introduction.


24 Life Skills Sessions

Twice a week our staff works directly with the children to create a plan in overcoming challenges. This program assists in setting goals and achieving them on and off the court.


12 Game Days

Saturday games allow for everyone to apply the concepts worked on in the life skills curriculum that week.


HOOPS Life Uniforms

Members receive 2 HOOPS Life uniforms






Central Florida

Winter 2016/2017 Session: November 7th 2016 - February 18th 2017
Spring 2017 Session: February 27th 2017 - May 27th 2017

*Note: HOOPS Life does not have class during Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break or Spring Break.


Tavares Florida:  HOOPS 15839 Old US Hwy 441 Tavares FL, 32778


miESSENTIALS (Level 2)
miTEAM (Level 3)

miFUTURE (Level 4)


Tavares, Florida Location

Mondays and Wednesdays: miFUNDAMENTALS and miESSENTIALS
Tuesdays and Thursdays: miTEAM and miFUTURE


4:30pm - 6:00pm 7-10 yr olds

6:15pm - 7:45pm 10-14 yr olds 

For more information we invite you to contact us at 352-253-HOOP (4667) or hoops31@me.com
Your child… Endless possibilities!














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"HOOPS is amazing!! The coaches are amazing!! There is no where else I would want to be!! Both Pat and Fenny have taught me so much not only in basketball but in life!! It wasn't always easy but it definitely made me a better player and person!! I Love them both so much!! They have done above and beyond for me and everyone who comes into their gym!! If you want to become a better player and person HOOPS is where you need to be!!"





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